Selling FAQs

These are just a few of the common frequently asked questions we get at Professionals Real Estate.We have all the answers to your real estate questions

  1. My agent tells me it’s currently a seller’s market so I should put up my home for sale now. What does that mean?
    When the demand for homes is greater than the supply, i.e.: when there are few homes for sale and a great many buyers clamouring for them, the market is in the seller’s favour, a seller’s market. Putting up your home for sale at this time is a great idea because you are likely to get the best possible price for your property right now and the deal will close quickly because there are so many buyers ready to close the deal.
  2. Why can’t I sell my home on my own instead of hiring an agent?
    You can certainly sell your home on your own but hiring an agent makes the process a lot easier and faster. More importantly, since an experienced agent knows the prevailing pricing trend in market he can give you accurate advice about pricing your property correctly. An experienced agent is also a great help in telling you how to prepare your home for sale and during negotiations.
  3. What is a home appraisal and should I get one done?
    A home appraisal is the inspection and assessment of your home by a real estate agent, done with the objective of determining its right sale price. Unless you are very familiar with the market conditions and the pricing for similar properties in the marketplace, getting your home appraisal done is a good idea. The agent typically bases his pricing assessment on the most recent sales that have taken place in the neighbourhood which gives you a clear picture of what buyers may be willing to pay.
  4. My agent is asking me to invest in painting the home and getting the frontage cleaned up? Is this expense worth taking up when I am going to sell my property?
    Definitely! Making your home look appealing to prospective buyers is a critical first step in the selling process. Repainting the outer walls, ensuring that the frontage and overall appearance of the home give a positive first impression ensures that the maximum number of potential buyers are attracted. Also, a home that looks cared for and well maintained does garner a better price than one that is in a state of disrepair.
  5. My buyer wants to carry out a pre-settlement inspection although he already visited the property before? Should I agree?
    A pre- settlement inspection is quite a normal practise in home sale deals. Right before he signs the sale deed, the buyer simply wants to make sure that the home is in the same condition as it was during his initial visit(s). Allowing the buyer to do so builds his confidence in you and in having made the right choice of property to buy.

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