Choosing the right agent

Partnering with the right real estate agent can be the difference between getting a decent and excellent price for your property. Price apart, selling your home is a time and effort intensive process. There are rules to be followed and deadlines to be met; impressing potential buyers is as important as negotiating skilfully; and the paperwork, well there’s a lot of it and you want to know the facts before signing on the dotted line. With a professional real estate agent by your side, you can make quick and easy work of all aspects of your home sale.

How to choose the best real estate agentHere’s where we come in. Professionals Real Estate can be your trusted liaison and guide, helping you put together the pieces of the property sale puzzle with a laser-beam focus on your priorities. We tick all the right boxes that distinguish a competent real estate agent who delivers results you want from someone who just wants to close a deal fast.

Experience matters 

Practically putting together a deal and managing it successfully to the end is the hallmark of an experienced real estate agent. Someone who’s still learning the ropes or not familiar with your local real estate environment may still do okay but not good enough. Fact is, real estate agents encounter new faces, new points of view and new obstacles on their way to negotiating and closing a transaction. The experienced ones leverage their insights and local expertise to get you an excellent price and jump over any hurdles threatening to disrupt your sprint to the finish line, i.e closing.

We have 30+ years of experience in the real estate industry. We know as much about rules, laws, statistics, trends and median homes values, as the smarts needed to position your property attractively before buyers.

Marketing effectively is crucial 

Not only should your agent develop a targeted marketing plan but also implement it effectively to maximize expressions of interest from buyers. Experience comes into play here as does a robust system that enables the creation of traditional and digital marketing collateral. Professionals Real Estate has you covered on this front, from creating engaging sales copy to advising you on how to spruce up and upgrade your home for home inspections.

Assistance with technical aspects

One of the first things a real estate agent will advise you on is the method of sale: sale, auction or tender. There are other crucial aspects such as the deposit to request from the buyer upon acceptance, key dates on offer, settlement and possession, and contract of sale. It is important that you stay in control of the process, and a good real estate agent will ensure this through proactive knowledge support and honest, patient and frank communications.

A large network of buyers 

Of course, access to a vast buyer network can help accomplish an easier, quicker and potentially more profitable sale. With 300 offices throughout Australasia, Professionals Real Estate can provide you real access to buyers in your neighbourhood and region.

Want the best results in real estate? Need expert views and assistance every step of the way? Talk to us today.