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People who want a relatively safe way to make money, choose real estate over the share market and not without good reason. Real estate packs in unmatched potential to gain significant tax advantages while generating income from rent. The cost of owning an investment property is deductible, helping you reduce tax brackets. The value of your property and land appreciates over time, helping your grow capital.

If you’re investing in the Australian real estate market, the benefits just multiply!

Investment in Australian real estate gives investors the perfect combination of desirability, profitability and stability. Here is why.

  1. Australia is a desirable location
    The two territories and six states of Australia make up some of the most popular travel and holiday destinations in the world. From pristine white beaches, breathtaking coral reefs and splendid wilderness to a bustling nightlife and rich cultural scene – Australia knows how to impress just about everyone! Invest in a property in the land of the long weekend and you never have to worry about not having enough takers.
  2. It is more profitable than many other global markets
    Did you know that property values typically double every seven to ten years in Australia? Add to it the fact that there’s an ongoing shortage of houses due to the nation’s population boom in the recent years and you have a market that is going to stay strong even when other global markets fail.
  3. It is also more stable
    Are you familiar with market crashes and price fluctuations in the East? Properties in the US or the UK can fall several thousand dollars in price within weeks – something you don’t have to worry about in the inherently stable market of Australia.

Expert review to bolster your investment for FREE

Property investments, despite being a safer bet than other financing options, is still subject to market risks, but nothing that you can’t conquer with expert help. Our real estate and property investment professionals are geared with the knowledge, experience and expertise needed in making intelligent investment decisions. You’ll find comprehensive help in choosing not only a property that provides you a high potential of capital growth, while bringing in maximum net returns, but also a reliable financing vendor.

We network with Australia’s most well-known and well-trusted banks and non-bank financial institutions that offer a range of competitive options. Further, in our bid to the your one stop shop for all property investment needs, we use our network of realtors and agents to find trustworthy tenants with good rental and employment histories. Never again will you have to worry about finding or replacing tenants. In addition, we manage and maintain your investment property to keep it attractive year round.

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